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Hello, my name is French and I like every day. I am a happily retired 88 years-young man, who has never had any previous back pain. About two months ago, I started experiencing some low back discomfort. I believe this was due to bending while gardening and splitting wood, which are two things I love to do. I was in so much pain that I would have to take constant breaks, and I realized that I was spending more time resting than I was working.

I went to a back specialist in the area that told me my back pain was due to my age and that there wasn't anything I could do about it. I left his office with a very expensive back brace that didn't help at all. I was disheartened with the doctor's response to my back pain, blaming it on my age. My wife, Joan, told me I should give Dr. Minorik's office a shot. She was a patient and had great results. I decided to take her advice and within the first couple visits, the pain that the previous doctor said there was no cure for, was gone.

I referred my friend Stan to the office knowing he will get the same results I did. Minorik Chiropractic Center has nothing but considerate workers, whose good attitudes make me feel sensational every time I'm at the office.

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